Obviously, even though you are an experienced martial artist, we expect a significant amount of the techniques, teachings, elements, and insights presented here, to be mostly new for you. Naturally however, (depending on your particular background) these lessons will often cover topics that, at first glance, you may think you already know. This can often be misleading if you aren’t focused enough on learning what’s new or different , within the context of a topic with which you have “some” familiarity.

Watch for the hazard here, that just because something might first appear to be similar, that you don’t make any quick judgments and miss out on all the empowering subtleties and sometimes “Secret” fine points being revealed. Even with those things that you feel you are very familiar with, you may just find those key clarifications and explanations that will give you the depth of understanding that you’ve been looking for.

All too often advanced martial artists (that “should” know better) often respond to any review or “re-visiting” of a topic with, “Yeah, I already know that.” Even so, they would seldom be able to use it effectively. Even in just sparring practice. Then, after finally studying the session and after making just a few adjustments, their skill with that technique would begin to skyrocket. That’s when their, “Yeah, I already know that” would quickly become, “Ohhh, now I get it!” So it’s not “IF” you do a particular technique, or not, that matters. It’s “HOW” and “WHEN” you do a technique – along with several other factors, that will make the real difference!

It’s true! If you pay close attention and STUDY these sessions, there’s a ton of extra stuff here for you to discover. For example watch closely to the repetitions often included at the end of a session. Usually, they’re there for more than just a different camera angle. In real fights, opponents are not exact. So in the repetitions you will notice that little differences in positions, distances, speeds, and angles from one repetition to the next – have been included. Sometimes a punch slides along a block, or the intended target is obscured, or the distance is off. Any of these could doom a technique to failure. But more often than not, skilled and subtle adjustments made in response to these common variables can get everything back on track. And then sometimes the repetitions are just there to illustrate some optional follow-ups and other variations.

Another Very Valuable Viewing Habit: Often, the weaknesses and hazards of doing something in the more commonly taught ways are pointed out. You want to really pay attention to these, because besides showing you a better way to do something, you have also just been shown HOW TO DEFEAT THE COMMONLY TAUGHT WAY, in case it is ever attempted against you. This is a prime example of the valuable stuff that’s more or less “hidden” right in plain sight! Even so, these are the kinds of things that you must learn to discover on your own. Not just in these sessions, but in your everyday observations. Developing this ability and habit, is the key to more treasures of knowledge than one can count.

So not only is the best of what is typically taught presented… But more importantly, the many techniques, strategies, tactics, aspects, elements, and insights that are almost never covered (or even acknowledged) are also included. And it’s those keys (no matter how subtle) that what will give you the Distinct, Esoteric, and sometimes an essentially Secret and Unfair Advantage.