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Michael Stone
Undefeated World Champion ("Blood & Guts" era), Karate's Greatest Champion and 1st Superstar

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Hidden Secrets

Discover the hidden secrets from the best of "old school"

Lost Wisdom

After 25 years, this lost wisdom has recently been recovered

Missing Videos

Famous videos by Bill Shaw have been found and are ready for you to fine-tune your craft


Bill Shaw

  • 5 Time World Champion Fighter NASKA, NBL, ISKA, IMAC, L.B int
  • Lifetime Achievement Award Masters Hall of Fame
  • Master Instructor of the Year I.I.M.A.A Hall of Fame
  • Hollywood Fight Choreographer Stunt Fighting, General Stunts,
  • 3 Time Kung-Fu Hall of Fame Nominee Inside Kung-Fu Magazine
  • HanFooWa Fighting Arts Founder Since 1976

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This series of videos are the best instruction that cover all phases of street combat. I recommend this Street Defense series to any martial artist wanting to enhance their own personal method of combat will find these videos ~ Priceless!

al dacascos

I'm impressed! Although not surprised! Bill Shaw's videos are excellent. With his extremely high level of skill and understanding, he presents practical and realistic (real world) applications of many little known and misunderstood fighting principles

steve golden

Just as I would expect from Bill Shaw, the techniques in his videos are outstanding! Furthermore, they are demonstrated in detail anda explained in great depth. His videos have earned my high recommendation

pat johnson
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