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THE BEGINNING: What sparked my initial interest in Martial Arts?

About 1957 I’m going out to “trick or treat” as my a then hero, MR. MOTO (google him). Notice the book I’m reading (I still have it).  These pamphlets were the only source of any martial arts training outside of the largest cities and Very few books were available anywhere.  My older brother & I tried to practice the moves, but his 6 years older SIZE made it mostly impractical.

School yard fights (even in our small town) were an everyday occurrence, back in those days.  Even though I only knew a few moves, when added to my other “scrapping” skills, it was enough to earn me the, “Look Out, He Knows Judo” reputation in grade school.  Or maybe it was the excuse used for why I was beating bigger kids.

You see, I really felt obligated to “rescue” my friends the smaller kids from being picked on by the bigger kids.  Fortunately, this consistent motive kept me from getting in trouble.  Yes, I got sent to the Principle (for fighting) a lot, but never punished – not even once.  Back then, Putting Bullies Down, used to count for something.  Still Does to some I guess, at least to anyone being bullied that you step in to protect.  Trust me, it’s a great feeling.

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