Testimonials for Bill Shaw

Read the praises of Black Belts from around the world (some with extremely high ranks) representing every corner imaginable of the world's fighting arts.

The common theme is always the same ... "Bill Shaw provides Martial Arts Training Knowledge and the resulting Electric Fighting Skills that simply could not be found anywhere else"

Here's what just some of Bill Shaw's video students have to say:

Your introduction segment alone made me a believer in your approach

I have earned various belts in Judo, Hapkido, TaiJutsu, and Boar Style Bando.

I'm one of thousands of martial artists who are looking for what works. 

We have all heard the hype.

There are dozens of instructors who would have us believe that they have all the answers. The "ultimate" this and the "combat-tested" that. 

We are tired of it. I ordered the video and have watched it from start to finish 9 times in less than a week! 

Your introduction segment alone made me a believer in your approach.

I have already begun to implement your outstanding techniques into my own arsenal and my confidence level has increased two fold.

I thank you for giving me renewed enthusiasm.

Sgt M Taylor
Special Police - Washington D.C

Fast, Powerful, Accurately Deceptive

Incredible ... one of the most awesome martial artists I've witnessed. EVER!

You are fast, powerful and accurately deceptive.

I'm not easily impressed but you impressed me.

With your kicks, ground fighting, hands, trapping, sparring, etc. you are a fine example of what I've believed for quite a while. 

Versatility is a must…” 

Al Farnsworth
NV (8th deg Black Belt; Kenpo, Jiu Jitsu, TKD, Hapkido, Boxing – 26 yrs. exp.)

Videos fill the void

I’ve learned a great deal.

He's an outstanding Instructor.

His videos fill the void.

I appreciate his no nonsense approach to defense. 

Way to Go!

m st. pierre
MT (2nd deg Black Belt; Isshin-Ryu, Hapkido - 10 years)

Fits into any style

Easy to apply and very powerful.

I've never seen more realistic applications.

The techniques are outstanding.

Bill Shaw's system fits into any style

L Diaz
Puerto Rico (Black Belt; Kenpo)

What I've been looking for

This is what I've been looking for ... it's the best.

As of today Bill Shaw is my Sensei

l cannon
GA (Hapkido Black Belt; Wing Chun, Kick Boxing – 9 yrs.)

Definite Need

Your videos are a definite need and I'm looking forward to getting all of them

Puerto Rico (Sifu of Hung Gar, Wing Chun, Taijiauen – 21 yrs.)

Vast knowledge - truly incredible

... without a doubt, one of the best martial artists I've ever seen.

His vast knowledge of all aspects of the arts is truly incredible.

r yelle
MA (Dan-Te – 5 yrs. exp.)

Impressive range of skills

Bill Shaw has incredible skill.

Especially impressive is the range of skills at his command

c rosenstock
IL (Black Belt; Taekwondo 5 yrs)

Clear, Usable Instruction

Very professional – excellent instruction which is clear, makes sense and is usable.

I'm certainly a new fan of Bill Shaw and would be proud to recommend his videos

Dr. V. Gallicnio
AUSTRALIA (3rd deg. Black Belt; Goju Karate, Modern Arnis – 20 yrs. exp.)

Knowledge Unsurpassed

I find your knowledge unsurpassed. I request permission to teach your techniques

KY (6th deg. Black Belt 23 yrs exp.)