Stone & FamAs many of you already know, Mike Stone & I go back a ways… well, to the early 80’s any way. Since then he has been my martial arts mental mentor, so to speak,  which can’t help but flow in to other area’s of  life since it is all connected.  He is also the one that gave me my start in Movies. He even had me as his personal guest for a couple of weeks (in the late 80’s) at his resort in the Philippines, where he has lived since the mid 80’s.

In Oct. 2014, he  was in Seattle for the Bruce Lee Foundation.  So he took some time out to come down to Portland and visit for a several days. This was the first time he had the chance to meet my family. He quickly became Uncle Mike to my daughters… which is only natural since he is like a brother to me.  I won’t bore you with all the fun and adventures we had but the days were filled to the brim – and it was sad to see him go.

Since the visit was planned well in advance, Shannon Spahan of Tigard Kung-Fu, hosted Mike for a midweek night seminar at his school.  It was a great turn out, as many of the area’s top martial artists came to pay their respect and pic up a few bits of wisdom.

Stone SeminarPictured below, is Some of the great crowd that attended.  And Yep, that’s Dan Anderson, between Mike & myself.