Mike Stone

Mike Stone: The Worlds Greatest Karate Fighter – EVER!

Undefeated World Champion.  91-0 … During the “Blood & Guts” Competition of the 60’s.

Ted Gambordella did an outstanding job putting this video together.  Amazing how many shots he included.  I found myself in 4 pictures with Mike (@ 5:37, 6:00, 6:22, & 6:30) and was at several of the other events pictured – I even took a few of the pictures I’m not in.

Mike is truly like a big brother to me, and he is “Uncle Mike” to my two daughters (he even calls me “little brother”).  He is the one that first got me into Movie Work – and all the things that his influence has done for me, would require a small book to detail.  He is truly a walking inspiration.  The fact is, it was this close exposure to him that  inspired me (at age 62) to return to fighting competition, after 30 years since my last tournament.  I immersed myself in the simplicity of his “Winning Secrets” audio and hit the tournaments -resulting in 3 National Champion titles and 5 World Champion titles with an additional 2, World Team Championship titles.

If you are serious about your performance (in anything in life) checking into Mike Stone’s teachings. They will truly give you the boost you are looking for.