When done correctly (which it seldom is)  this non-telegraphed Knee Drop is nearly impossible to block and is one of the most secure finishing moves you can make from this position. Additionally, I count it as the FASTEST, most POWERFUL, and most RELIABLE Fight Finishing Move you’ll find for this class of application.

The Knee Drop is one of my all time favorites moves. I developed it after the realization that punching a downed man, while you are still upright, not only looks BAD to on lookers, but the took too long and also brings your targets into his range – should he still be capable to try to counter.   Furthermore, stomps suffer similar drawbacks and contained their own set of potential difficulties. Subsequently, over the years, I have seen some similar techniques, but not with the emphases on the Power Drop – which is the heart of the move.

Even though this is considered a “Fight Finishing” move, always be prepared to continue the fight if need be – take nothing for granite.  I dealing with a extra tough adversary, this might serve as a transitional blow as you progress to a “Ground & Pound” type tactic. The fact is though, that this can be a very devastating move, so proceed and practice with safety and caution!