Bill ActionOver the years, I’ve often been asked this question by more than a few martial artists.  “How do I get started working in Movies?”

 The question, in reality, and depending on many factors –  has several answers .  These factors include: Where you live, Your age & where you are in life, What kind of performance or acting experience you have (if any), What exactly (more or less) are you wanting to achieve, Your commitment level towards that outcome, and oh so many more considerations.

The fact is though, and as challenging as it is, it CAN BE DONE!  People are doing it all the time.  However there are so many misconceptions, that most people just spin their wheels for a few years, until their dream dies.   Well, I hate when dreams die, so I’m planning to start writing up some “INSIDER” TIPS of How, Who, What, Where, When & Whys of Hollywood Show Biz…  At least for as far as I’ve been involved  . 

What I need from you, if you are interested in such a pursuit, are YOUR QUESTIONS. Please make them as narrow & specific as you can.

Now I know that with a martial arts audience, most of the interest will in STUNT work,  but you don’t have to limit it to that.

Let me know if you are interested in “IN FRONT OF CAMERA” work such as: Stunts, Acting, Fighting, Extra & Background work (you know, so you can just say, “I was in a Movie”). 

Or are you interested in “BEHIND THE CAMERA” work as in the case of: Directors, Stunt Coordinators, Fight Choreographers, Set Hands, Production Assistants, Script Supervisors etc. 

Or GENERAL QUESTIONS like: How much does Movie Work pay, Is Stunt Work dangerous, What’s it like on the Set, How do I know if I can Act well enough, Do I have to Move to Hollywood, How much competition is there, and What’s the first thing to do.

Or ANYTHING ELSE you can think of like maybe: Casting Calls, Talent Agents, Casting Directors, Acting Classes & Workshops, Modeling & Acting Schools, Stunt & Stunt Fighting Camps & Seminars, etc.

Please keep your questions simple, specific & to the point.  Who knows You might get some “direct response” advice.  Or your question might serve to determine which topics to address and which aspects of that topic should be included.

Okay, here’s your chance to finally find out the straight scoop – So ask away.    

HOW TO ASK YOUR QUESTIONS:   Be SURE to put “Showbiz Question” in the SUBJECT Line and send to

Then keep an eye on the HIT Blog for updates on the progress of the project.