CAUTION Read This First:

For Black Belts Only! Even so, practice this one ULTRA SLOW and  Safely!

One of my Trademark Demo Techniques: (we commonly referred to as the “HAIR THROW” or the “FACE SMASH”.   In this application, your opponent comes in “Hard & Fast” but from a distance and with a nice telegraph. While not an ideal initial attack move, you’d be surprised how many fighters try to close from a distance too far away, to land their big shot.

This crowd-pleasing technique from a sweeping, looping, hooking lead hand attack (in this case a sweeping ridge hand) is unique in that while it is flamboyant in appearance, it also adheres to the main principles of a good technique application.  The 2 samplings are several years apart, and shows the increased ability of my training partner (Stan Beck) to let me be more extreme in the execution of the throw & smash.

In both cases, notice the line I take is IN and UNDER the strike’s path of trajectory – while moving slightly off to the outside line of advance. With the correct timing, against a committed attack, this eliminates the need for blocking.

Speaking of Timing, watch the slow motion portions closely! The key is to move IN as close to the same time as HE moves IN. I call this, “Fitting INTO Their Technique” (not to be confused with “Fitting INSIDE their Technique”).   Another key point is to land your counter strike (upper ridge hand to the groin) at the same time, or within a fraction of a count, to when their attack WOULD have hit you.

The Throw portion could easily injure your partner’s neck, even break it if you’re not careful. Therefore, I advise against trying to duplicate the dynamics of the way the throw is shown. Rather, after grabbing his hair on each side, from the back, practice slowly rotating his head (turning his face away from you) as you lower his head (leading his body) in a circular motion, to the mat – more or less pointing his face to where you want him to go.  After the initial take down, several followup strikes, holds, or locks can be secured.  Experiment on this and determine the best likely course for you, personally.

Beware: The lift up for second face smash (if you haven’t taken enough of his steam out) could give him an opportunity to escape before the second slam down. You must know what you are doing and have the sensitivity awareness to be sure you have secure and “adaptable” control over your opponent at all times.

In street application, the results of this kind of tactic COULD be more devastating than you might Expect, Need or Intend.

Remember to go slow and discover all the intricate & subtle nuances that would otherwise elude your awareness.

Above all, for you and others, SAFETY First!

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