Bill Shaw's Training Videos Have Long Been Highly Recommended by the World's Top Martial Artists!

Here's what just a few of the legends in martial arts have to say about Bill Shaw

Mike Stone

  • Undefeated World Champion ("Blood & Guts" era)
  • Karate's Greatest Champion and 1st Superstar
  • Black Belt Hall of Fame's 1971 Competitor of the Year
  • Black Belt Hall of Fame's 1994 Instructor of the Year

Best Martial Arts Videos

These are some of the best martial arts videos I've seen. 

I highly recommend them to anyone, regardless of their level of proficiency

Al Dacascos

  • Founding Master of Wun Hop Kune Do
  • Black Belt Hall of Fame's Instructor of the Year
  • Top Top Competitor ("Blood & Guts" Era)

All phases of street combat

This series of videos are the best instruction that cover all phases of street combat. 

I recommend this Street Defense series to anyone wanting to be effective, practical and realistic. 

Any martial artist wanting to enhance their own personal method of combat, will find these videos – Priceless!

Steve Golden

  • Personal Bruce Lee Student
  • Top Jeet Kune Do Instructor
  • KD Nucleus
  • One of Ed Parker's First Black Belts

Little Known and Misunderstood Fighting Principles

I'm Impressed! Although not surprised.

Bill Shaw’'s videos are excellent!

With his extremely high level of skill and understanding, he presents practical and realistic (real world) applications of many little known and misunderstood fighting principles

Pat Johnson

  • Black Belt Hall of Fame's 1995 Instructor of the Year
  • 9th deg. Black Belt
  • Top Top Competitor ("Blood & Guts" Era)

Great Detail and Dept

Just as I would expect from Bill Shaw, the techniques in his videos are outstanding!

Furthermore, they are demonstrated in detail and explained in great depth.

His videos have earned my high recommendation!

Jim Harrison

  • Black Belt Hall of Fame's 2009 Self-Defense Instructor of the Year
  • 3 Time U.S. Karate Champion (“Blood & Guts” Era)
  • U.S. Kickboxing Champion
  • Coach to Bill Wallace
  • Linda Lee’s (Bruce's widow) Body Guard

Practical, Definitive and Articulate

Very practical, definitive and articulate. 

Some of the Best Martial Arts Training videos I've seen!

Earnest Hart Jr

  • 4 time World Kickboxing Champion
  • Shootfighting expert

An Instructor's Instructor

Bill Shaw is an Instructor's Instructor.

With his vast knowledge in the various arts, he gives great insight to ANYONE wishing to enhance their martial arts abilities.

His videos are a MUST!

Dale "Sunshine" Fry

  • World Kickboxing Champion

Gained great ideas from watching

Bill Shaw' video series introduces many new concepts, refreshes some old ones and is filled with practical pointers.

This series will add to anyone's arsenal, both mentally and physically!

I truly did gain some great ideas from watching them

Dr Harry Kloor Ph.d2

  • Honored as ABC News "Man of the Week"
  • Dr. Kloor is the only person "ever" to earn two Ph.D.'s (physics & chemistry) simultaneously!
  • Black Belt with over 30 years experience in a variety of arts

Unsurpassed fighting arts method

Clear, Concise, Effective, and Devastating!

Bill Shaw has brilliantly applied the laws of physics as well as the science of kinesiology to his Martial Arts Training and teachings.

Thereby creating a fighting arts method with techniques, principles and strategies that are simply unsurpassed

KARATE ILLUSTRATED Magazine referred to Mr Shaw as a "Martial Arts Luminary"

Later in an editorial comment, referring to Bill Shaw's "Leg Attacks" method the editor proclaimed that these teachings are " ... a martial artists most effective offense - as well as defense"