Reverse Head Torque Throw

CAUTION Read This First: For Black Belts Only! Even so, practice this one ULTRA SLOW and  Safely! One of my Trademark Demo Techniques: (we commonly referred to as the “HAIR THROW” or the “FACE SMASH”.   In this application, your opponent comes in “Hard & Fast” but from a distance and with a nice telegraph. While […]

Enter Between the Lines (Slip Push)

Slip Push for Impact Reversal: This “Quick Fighting Tip” uses an old Ju-Jitsu “throw entry” trick to instead, completely “Surprise” your attacker. Causing him to impale his face onto your striking hand with all his body weight behind it. Includes multiple follow up options. Which must be assessed instantly – and within the moment. NOTE: […]

Footwork 3 – Attack Speed

If you want to hit ’em before they see you move, then you need to learn what’s really in play, concerning attack speed. It is far beyond mere physical speed of movement. This session on eliminating telegraphs, is lesson one on the subject.

Leg Wrench: Trap, Throw, & Break

Leg Wench Trap, Back Slam Throw & Torque Break: When you trap catch a kick, what do you do with it? Learn this devastating, back slamming, drop throw, with a nerve enhanced lock, and a knee demolishing tourque lock.

Snare Block & Pull Into Hit

This lesson gives a detailed break down of how to use (and teach) this highly misunderstood tactic. Learn the mechanics, energies, syntax, and timing- with multiple applications. Included is a special section on shutting down your opponents counter attempts. Common errors (and remedies) are also discussed.

The Slip Under Kick

Slip Under Kick: A very effective “Works-for-Real” tactic that was born ‘instantaneously” during one of my Rocky Mt. Super Fights. A totally unexpected move – that “stacks the odds” by the use of multiple principles, including: Attack by Drawing, Covert Timing, and Deceptive Angle Changes (on two planes). etc.. Once mastered, it becomes one of […]

Cloaked Attack – ABD

This Hidden Attack utilizes the principles of Attack By Drawing to create a mental as well as physical opening to attack through. There are MANY different effective & applicable timings and distances for  this type of attack,   A few of which are shown here, although it could be difficult to detect at first.  Look […]

The Fight Finishing Knee Drop

When done correctly (which it seldom is)  this non-telegraphed Knee Drop is nearly impossible to block and is one of the most secure finishing moves you can make from this position. Additionally, I count it as the FASTEST, most POWERFUL, and most RELIABLE Fight Finishing Move you’ll find for this class of application.

ESCAPING – Lock, Block, Hit, and Break!

This particular lesson is focused on “Adaptable Versatility” and tactical choices. It is NOT a lesson on “How To Do Wrist Wraps.”  The biggest obstacle to training effectively, with wrist locks and wrist escapes from a grab, is that it’s easy to forget that the attacker’s intent is not just to grab you – but […]