Reverse Head Torque Throw

CAUTION Read This First: For Black Belts Only! Even so, practice this one ULTRA SLOW and  Safely! One of my Trademark Demo Techniques: (we commonly referred to as the “HAIR THROW” or the “FACE SMASH”.   In this application, your opponent comes in “Hard & Fast” but from a distance and with a nice telegraph. While […]

Enter Between the Lines (Slip Push)

Slip Push for Impact Reversal: This “Quick Fighting Tip” uses an old Ju-Jitsu “throw entry” trick to instead, completely “Surprise” your attacker. Causing him to impale his face onto your striking hand with all his body weight behind it. Includes multiple follow up options. Which must be assessed instantly – and within the moment. NOTE: […]

Mike Stone Video Tribute

Mike Stone: The Worlds Greatest Karate Fighter – EVER! Undefeated World Champion.  91-0 … During the “Blood & Guts” Competition of the 60’s. Ted Gambordella did an outstanding job putting this video together.  Amazing how many shots he included.  I found myself in 4 pictures with Mike (@ 5:37, 6:00, 6:22, & 6:30) and was […]

Mike Stone Visit & Seminar

As many of you already know, Mike Stone & I go back a ways… well, to the early 80’s any way. Since then he has been my martial arts mental mentor, so to speak,  which can’t help but flow in to other area’s of  life since it is all connected.  He is also the one […]