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Reverse Head Torque Throw

  CAUTION Read This First: For Black Belts Only! Even so, practice this one ULTRA SLOW and  Safely! One of my Trademark Demo Techniques: (we commonly referred to as the “HAIR THROW” … [Read More...]

Enter Between the Lines (Slip Push)

Slip Push for Impact Reversal: This “Quick Fighting Tip” uses an old Ju-Jitsu “throw entry” trick to instead, completely “Surprise” your attacker. Causing him to impale his face onto your striking … [Read More...]

Mike Stone Video Tribute

http://youtu.be/bMYAIymB73w Mike Stone: The Worlds Greatest Karate Fighter - EVER! Undefeated World Champion.  91-0 ... During the "Blood & Guts" Competition of the 60's. Ted Gambordella … [Read More...]

Local Training Portland Oregon Area

For more information Call (360) 576-5182. If no Answer, please leave message. … [Read More...]

Mike Stone Visit & Seminar

As many of you already know, Mike Stone & I go back a ways... well, to the early 80's any way. Since then he has been my martial arts mental mentor, so to speak,  which can't help but flow in to … [Read More...]

Jim Harrison Visit

I headed up to Seattle the other day (Oct 2014), for a great opportunity to spend some time with an old friend, JIM HARRISON that I hadn't seen in about 20 years.. The 5 of us (Jim, his wife Carol, … [Read More...]

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