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This series of videos were originally produced nearly 30 years ago. Amazingly though, the information that they contain is still extremely rare.   Apparently,  many of those that acquired these Key Advantages, found them so powerfully valuable that they kept much of it to themselves – eventually sharing only with some of their top students.


Bill Shaw’s videos were regular Top Best Sellers and have always been in high demand. They have also been highly sought after by collectors ever since they went out of production in the late 90’s.  In fact, from about 20 to 10 years ago, a few VHS copies would sometimes pop up on Ebay for over $200 per program!


Unfortunately, some so called “experts” have been trying to teach several of Bill Shaw’s trademark teachings.  But alas, their attempts expose their lack of understanding, as they miss the main points and leave out the critical aspects that empower the methods to work for real.   Sadder still, this is way too often the case with today’s instruction – both in person and especially with online courses.  You know what we mean, “Monkey see, Monkey teach.”  


We understand it might not be their fault, they might just be teaching what they were taught – which is a really serious problem.  Mr. Shaw has estimated that probably 90% of martial arts taught today is what he calls “Replica Martial Arts”.  He explains that, “A replica looks and feels like the real thing, but it just won’t dependably hold up under actual use”.  In this case, trying to defend yourself against anyone with even just a bit of real fight experience.  


Trust us, we aren’t trying to hype you here, but these are the brutal facts.  So, unless you are one of the top 10 % with truly effective training training, if someone that really knows how to  fight, wants to take you out – you’re not gonna be able to protect anyone!  Furthermore, in all likelihood, you could end up end up a broken bloody mess! Permanently injured or even worse.  


Now, what if you could “Transform” the training that you already have and  take it to the TOP 1%  by simply beginning to add to it, the hidden keys and empowering elements that have somehow been missing from your understanding and skill set?   What if you learned things that could Triple Your Speed with in a few weeks, or Double Your Power within days?  Suppose you could learn to easily evade or shut down all of your a opponents attacks while easily landing all of your counters. What if you learned the keys to instant reactions and the most effective defense as well offense?  Would you like to learn those Simple but All Important “Operational” Secrets that ya can’t see, but determine the outcome of nearly everything you do?   


Well, this is what Old School is all about. Re-Infusing your knowledge and skills with the time tested elements that gave martial arts its tremendous reputation, in the first place. Then, we are going to go a Step Beyond by giving you VERY Little Known Principles, Skills and Knowledge that has always been held in the shrouds of secrecy of their varied arts.


So, the Lost Videos is just the beginning.  As we present these WEEKLY key segments to you, we will be adding other exciting content as you progress.  Then, after you have enough of a basis from the teaching of the Lost Videos, We will be adding NEW, Never Before Seen content from Bill Shaw, as well as other guest instructors.


Now you can finally RELAX, and be assured that everything you see here,  is the Real Deal!  There is a long held saying about Mr. Shaw that is as true today as it ever was.   “Bill Shaw Teaches What Other’s Don’t – But Should!”


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Here, you will find  a variety of easy to understand: fighting tactics & strategies, techniques, moves, tips, tricks, deceptions, training improvements, new insights, common error corrections, key governing principles,  and top issues to know and understand.  These, and more,  are reveled continually throughout Bill Shaw’s teachings and instruction.  

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The Secret is to learn things that your attacker or opponent doesn’t know, can’t defend against, or is out classed and overwhelmed by.  You see, Fighting Science has a “hidden core” of esoteric and arcane knowledge that multiplies the effectiveness many times over.  Your advantage is that very few instructors understand – or even know about this hidden core.


You’ll be Amazed by just how much even the smallest things, when taught & practiced correctly, can improve your techniques and overall fighting skill. In fact, what we find most often is, “The More Advanced You Are (or become), The More You’re Gonna Love This Stuff!”


Now, are you ready to gain that Fighting Advantage?  Are you ready to be a more knowledgeable and treacherous  fighter? One that can easily defend yourself and protect your loved ones – against an increasingly dangerous world?  . . .  If so, then all you need is a true desire to learn, and we’ll show you what all you’ve been missing.


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