Jim Bill Mike I headed up to Seattle the other day (Oct 2014), for a great opportunity to spend some time with an old friend, JIM HARRISON that I hadn’t seen in about 20 years.. The 5 of us (Jim, his wife Carol, his son Ty, Mike Stone and myself) enjoyed a 3 hour non-stop conversation over a private dinner. To listen to these guys talk about the early days with so much passion, was truly inspiring.
In the picture above: here I am (at 63) as the “Kid” between two True LEGENDS (Jim Harrison and Mike Stone). From over the years, I owe each of these men more than I can describe. Not the least of which knowing that these kind of men believed in me and what i was doing – ushered me into a whole new martial arts dimension.  So, this was a very special time for me, that I’ll always remember – with great fondness.