Mike Stone Video Tribute

Mike Stone: The Worlds Greatest Karate Fighter – EVER! Undefeated World Champion.  91-0 … During the “Blood & Guts” Competition of the 60’s. Ted Gambordella did an outstanding job putting this video together.  Amazing how many shots he included.  I found myself in 4 pictures with Mike (@ 5:37, 6:00, 6:22, & 6:30) and was […]

NEW Blog Coming

In the new layout of the HIT web site, A new BLOG feature will be predominate in the Home Page.  Most of the content in the Blog will be free to visitors.  However, the Blog will also make mention of new premium features, downloads, instruction videos, and the like wich are available to Premium Members. […]

Understanding Development Mastery:

OUTSIDE WRIST PRY Advanced Applications: If you think this is just a beginner technique… you are in need the quick review on MASTERY DEVELOPMENT. Typical of Mr, Shaw’s teaching, while covering the finer points of the Outside Wrist Pry , he makes quick review of many key Mastery Development principles that are universal to all techniques.


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